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Great trust of the companies "GAZPROM NEFT", "RIO TINTO" and "BECHTEL", given to the Agency "GEO-OIL" shows our seriousness in the work we do, with professional problem solving.


List of Clients


Today, NIS is one of the most successful companies and the largest budget donor in Serbia. The main activities are research, production and processing of oil and natural gas, sale of a wide range of oil and gas derivatives, as well as realization of projects in the field of petrochemicals and energy. The headquarters of NIS and the main production facilities are located in the Republic of Serbia: oil and gas deposits, the Pancevo Oil Refinery, warehouses, as well as a network of gas stations.

Gazprom Neft

Gazprom Neft is a technological leader on the Russian oil and gas market. We produce high-quality fuels, lubricants and bitumen for business and private users, refuel airplanes and develop a network of gas stations. New technologies mean we are constantly improving efficiency and reducing our environmental footprint.

Rio Tinto

As pioneers in the field of mining, we produce materials that are essential for the development of modern society. Iron ore for steel. Aluminum for cars and smartphones. Copper for wind turbines, electric cars and the pipelines that bring water to our homes. Borates that support grain growth, titanium that is used to produce paints, lithium to make batteries for electric cars – and diamonds for some special moments in life.


Bechtel helps our clients deliver projects that have the purpose of creating a lasting positive legacy. These are projects that create jobs and develop the economy; improve the resilience of the world's infrastructure; connect communities with resources and opportunities; bring us closer to net zero; protect US and allied interests; tackle critical environmental challenges to protect people and the planet; and accelerate progress to make the world a cleaner, greener and safer place.